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Released November 11, 2022

Figure out what kind of man you want to be and start being him.

Grant Sundar, a hard-working university research assistant, did all he could to provide for his wife and daughter. When a rogue wizard named Standard murders them to uncover an ancient, magical sword, Grant’s world is turned upside down.

With a target on his back, Grant is going to need all the help he can get from friends new and old to keep the sword out of Standard’s hands. If he fails to get it to safety, it could spark a war to plunge the world into endless darkness.
Threats come from every side. Shadow wolves, assassins, and weather itself all try to stand in his way. The sword even has secrets of its own.

From the soaring spires of Lervuco to the ancient techno-marvel city of Tona, his thirst for revenge swells while his hold on sanity weakens. Grant’s last chance to honor his family approaches. Will it be through justice or vengeance?

Only in finding himself can he keep from losing his soul.

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